Dutch i-fold1 e-scooter

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i drive my own foldable real scooter

i drive when and were i want

i am flexibel and foldable in 10 seconds

i am trendy and sexy

i am urban and usefull

i am not a follower but unique

i am patented world wide

i can be driven by men and women

i am fast and cheap driving

i am busy with the enviroment

i am not a step but a scooter

i can drive 35-40 km with my battery

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have a nice speed from 25 km and upp

am strong and can carry upp till 150 kg

am a good looking piece of design

am small if you like to fold me

am light in weight , only 30 Kg

am made of top quality aluminium

am silent and easy to carry

like to stay in your car trunk

can stand in your hallway

can make your life easy

am just great , really, try me